At Oceanfire Surf, we live and breathe surfing… and there’s nothing we love more than helping others to experience the sheer joy surfing and beach life bring, and that’s why we also offer our customers the following services:

  • Surfboard fitting/set-up: Getting your first surfboard – or a new surfboard – can be both exhilarating and confusing. When you purchase a new board from Oceanfire Surf, our experienced and knowledgeable staff provide you with personalised service, according to your needs. Whether you need advice on the best board style, shape, or size for you, or you need help with fitting fins and accessories to your new board, we can help you to customise your board to your individual needs and complete the full set-up.


  • Wetsuit fitting: In much the same way that the style, shape, and size of a surfer’s board must match each surfer’s individual requirements, a wetsuit must be properly matched to your unique size, shape, and needs. Oceanfire Surf want to make sure you’re comfortable in your suit, so you get the maximum amount of use out of it – and spend the maximum amount of time in the water – so our expert staff offer a tailored fitting service to ensure your wetsuit is the right type and the best fit.


  • Surfboard Ding Repair Service: At Oceanfire Surf it breaks our hearts when we see dinged and damaged surfboards, so we happily offer surfboard repair services to get you back on your board and out in the ocean as quickly as possible.


  • Second-Hand Board Purchase and Sales: Oceanfire Surf want everyone to have the opportunity to get amongst the waves, so our second-hand board purchase and sales services enable customers to trade in their old, good-condition surfboard. That way those who can afford it can upgrade and purchase a new board in-store, and those who can’t afford a new board can find an ‘experienced’ surfboard to meet their needs.


  • Styling advice: Most people want to look great and feel comfortable and confident in the clothing and accessories they wear – but not everyone knows the best way to achieve that... The friendly clothing retail staff at Oceanfire Surf can offer you styling advice to help you create the perfect outfit and achieve the look you want. Our surf style gurus will happily show you the latest stock in store, help you navigate the latest surf, street and beach fashion trends, and provide you with advice and guidance on finding the right style and fit for you, so that you always step out feeling comfortable and confident.